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Hello! You are a part of the lucky class chosen for this year's Reunion Weekend*! The price for our custom necklaces range from $250-$300 depending on rarity of toys*!  


Let us know what theme/anime/show that you would like + a list of specific characters. Keep in mind that we use either 3 or 5 figures in our necklaces. We will send back sample pictures/info on the figures we would use. After your approval, If you would like to move forward, we require a deposit of $75 to be sent to our PayPal*!


Since our source for most of our toys is located in Japan/Hong Kong, it can take  1-2 weeks to get to us. We will keep you updated on the process*! 


Once we receive the figures from overseas, we will craft & send a picture of finished necklace. After paying the remaining balance, We will mail your necklace with priority mail 2 day shipping w/ tracking number*!

Thank you, we will contact you back asap.

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